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Antonei Sergejvitch Tartarov alias Jean-Jacques Hauser

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The great concert

Considerations and reflections

The evening's echo was propagated rapidly, generating colossal reactions even beyond our borders.

That event produced many disparate opinions, comments, debates and controversies.

All the characters who participated were constantly required in interviews, on radio and TV shows. It was important to have in-depth information to analyze, even psychologically-wise, the cause of this extraordinary collective reaction.

Off the record, also Hannes Keller had his conclusion which many years later, he stated in internet (see the page in German).

In his very own style, he speaks in-depth, about every detail in the event organization:

  • His thought about music industry
  • The crucial reasons of his project
  • The issues he had to face to make believable his story
  • The stratagems employed to deal with the press
  • The mandatory preventive measures in the legal framework
  • The secret collaboration with the police

And last but not least... why not??? ...he can't resist the temptation of dreaming vaguely about another fabulous project.

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