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Antonei Sergejvitch Tartarov alias Jean-Jacques Hauser


The entire live recording of the concert held at Zurich Tonhalle on April 16th 1968

The hall program was presented in this way: original pieces of great composers (Skrjabin, Bartok, Ravel, Liszt) alternated with debut pieces of Prokofiev (ad hoc improvised) plus a Mozart's rondò and a Beethoven's unfinished sonata (written by Tartarov but presented as a recent discovery and world debut).

What a final sensation... ad hoc improvisations over musical themes proposed by the audience.

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Aleksander Skrjabin Sonata op. 30
Andante - Prestissimo volando
9'45'' [audio] [download] [info]
Bela Bartok Two Romanian Dances op. 8a 9'45'' [audio] [download] [info]
Maurice Ravel Scarbo from Gaspard de la nuit 9'13'' [audio] [download] [info]
Sergej Prokofiev Second Toccata** 6'21'' [audio] [download] [info]
Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart Rondo on a Swiss folk song* 4'11'' [audio] [download] [info]
Ludwig Van Beethoven Unfinished Sonata in A-flat major (op. post.)*
Allegro moderato - Theme (Adagio) and five variations
18'54'' [audio] [download] [info]
Franz Liszt Grande Fantasia on Les Préludes* 15'31'' [audio] [download] [info]
Improvisations proposed by the audience:        
Tartarov Im Aargau sind zwei Liebi** 3'16'' [audio] [download]  
Tartarov Ein Männlein steht im Walde** 3'41'' [audio] [download]  
Tartarov Es taget vor dem Walde** 6'23'' [audio] [download]  
Tartarov Vo Luzärn gäge Weggis zue** 3'46'' [audio] [download]  
Hannes Keller Speech of Hannes Keller 4'08'' [audio] [download]  
Tartarov Fuchs du hast die Gans gestohlen** 5'30'' [audio] [download]  

* Improvisations
** Improvisations ad hoc


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